A clean yard allows your dog to run free.  You have been Scooped!

Scooping Poo so you don’t have Doo!

Our pet waste removal and poop scooping services were created when clients began inquiring. And, since the main focus of our parent company is residential pet care, pet waste removal fell right in line with our current business philosophy. We were happy to add a service that is of value to our clients.

How It Works

Our team is what makes us who we are and we are proud to provide a service that gives back to our community. As a locally owned business our neighbors can rest assured they have the best with our bonded and insured staff. Because we’re here to support the needs of pet owners, you will see us “Scoopin’ POO so You Don’t Have DOO!” We are proud to be operating as professionals and giving our clients the additional free time they deserve to enjoy pets, family & friends . . . . . one yard at a time.

Getting Started

Complete the Online Form

First, send us the service address, service requirements and the type of package you’ll need and we will send you an account activation email.

Activate Your Account

And Mobile App

Second, activate your account. Start up is easy from our complimentary mobile app and once your payment method is applied, you’ll be ready to begin with an Initial Cleaning!

Schedule an Initial Cleaning

Prep for Weekly Maintenance

And lastly, before beginning regular weekly maintenance, we will perform your Initial Cleaning and get your yard set up for Weekly Maintenance. You’ll receive a message that “You Have Been Scooped” each time your yard is cleaned, and honestly, because you’ve got better things to DOO!

Next Steps…

Call us Today or complete the Contact Us Form to confirm your Initial Cleaning & Set Up Service. After the Initial Cleaning, regular weekly maintenance begins and we’ll be “Scoopin’ POO so you don’t have DOO!

(901) 350-P00P