Answers to some of your most commonly asked questions….

How Does it Work?

Once your account is activated and payment method entered, your Initial Cleaning is scheduled. We will set up your reoccurring or One Time Cleaning on the schedule and perform your Initial Clean (*required to get you ready for regular maintenance cleanings.) Your yard is paced in a grid pattern to ensure we are removing all pet waste possible. Your waste will be bagged and hauled away when your cleaning is complete. Our equipment and footwear is sanitized in between cleanings to prevent the spread of any possible contaminants. You will receive a message directly through our mobile app letting so you know exactly when “YOU HAVE BEEN SCOOPED!”

Does Someone Need to be Home?

No. But, please make sure we have unlocked access to your backyard. We cannot provide account credit if we arrive and are denied access.

Can my dogs be in the yard?

Yes, as long as they don’t mind us being in their yard! Can they have treats from us?

What if I want to choose my cleaning day?

Scheduling occurs by optimizing routes. Our service days are from dawn to dusk, Monday through Friday and our routes vary by geographic area. We will try to accommodate special scheduling requests, but that isn’t always possible in order to keep costs down. Feel free to contact us for the day(s) and approximate time we will be in your general area.

What happens on Holidays or in bad weather?

We allow our staff Holidays off. If your cleaning is scheduled on a Holiday it will be moved to the day before or the day after the Holiday. We work in the rain, but will postpone or reschedule in the event of thunder, lightning or tornado warnings.

How will I pay for the service?

Your credit card will be charged monthly around the 20th for the upcoming month. You will receive a courtesy invoice from our parent company (Guardian Pet Watch), or you may log into your account via the mobile app to view your account, pay your invoice or send us a message. All payments are due prior to the start of service. *Please note – our technicians are not permitted to accept cash or checks at your residence.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Absolutely not! There are no contracts. Just let us know if you decide to stop your service, pause your service or start it up again! With Curbside Bucket Service – Send us a message through the portal that we should pick up your bucket.

I’m Ready! How do I get started?

As soon as we have your details, we send you a link to activate your account and download the our Mobile App. *Please note we are a division of Guardian Pet Watch, invoices and notifications come through their system.

Once you have activated your account, please add your payment method (pets names and birthdays are helpful, but no required). We will begin by scheduling an Initial Clean/Service Set Up.

*Please note – yard size and approximate number of pets, etc. is noted and it may be necessary to adjust your quoted rate based on our Initial Cleaning (IC) findings.